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Renovated 1920s house is an ode to windows—and plywood

The home was transformed into a light-filled beauty


It might surprise some to learn that natural light plays a leading role in the creation of an open, airy living space.

But to Boston-based firm NADAAA, the importance of light is a given. When overhauling this 1920s brick house in Washington D.C., the firm put lighting front and center, essentially transforming the rear facade into a curtain wall punctured by a geometric splatter of rectangular windows. Floor-to-ceiling glass was used on some portions of the home, and boxy windows project out from the facade towards the garden beyond.

But inside is where the light play really begins. NADAAA is known for fancy millwork and materials exploration. In the D.C. home, they artfully installed plywood paneling to shepherd light into the space. Throughout the home, the paneling is arranged parallel to a north-south axis, optimizing light. Even the banisters seem to visually break apart when confronted with the possibility of blocking the view of a window beyond.

A lower staircase also goes against the “grain” of the home’s paneling, appearing the be hewn from the cross-sections of wood. Enlightening.

Via: Dezeen