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35 swingin' conversation pits on Instagram

Step into my lair

View of a retro white living room with square depression in ground lined with red sofas and colorful cushions with steps leading into it from the main floor.
Irwin and Xenia Miller House, Columbus, Indiana designed by architect Eero Saarinen.
© Ezra Stoller / Esto

Conversation pits: Those usually square or circular-shaped step-down spaces with built-in sofas popular in the ‘50s through the ’70s feel like artifacts of a simpler time. And they might just be making a comeback, because, let’s be real, more socializing and merry-making is always welcome, no matter the era.

Our recent feature on the resurgence of conversation pits explains it like this:

Today conversation pits are objects of fascination, relics of a time when living space was oriented not around a wall-sized flat screen and portable computers, but around looking at and socializing with other human beings in real life. If we want to get back to some actual face-to-face time, what better way to do it than in a cushioned burrow designed to host an intimate gathering?

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying that they’re kitschy, alluring, and impossible to get enough of. To sate your appetite for the previously-maligned conversation pit, here are 35 retro (and contemporary) examples from Instagram that may even inspire you to create your own.

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Let's chat: Conversation Pit in Jasper Conran's house

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#mcmhotel#holidayinn #conversationpit #moddesign

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A conversation pit & a pool? Yes, please! #palmsprings #conversationpit #summertime

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#ConversationPit #OliverMorgue #midcenturymodern

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I love conversation pits.

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LIFE magazine, 1958. Beattie Residence, New York and it's 'conversation pit'. #life #lifemagazine #1958 #conversationpit

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The absolute ultimate sunken lounge by the masters @technearchitects. This is perfection. I would not want to leave. Ever.

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