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Here are Ikea’s new limited-edition collections for spring and summer

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Exciting news for fans of pattern and rattan

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Ikea chair and cushion covers
JASSA chair and cushion covers

Lest you thought Ikea would be taking a break after a blast of new releases lately, the retailer has just unveiled a couple of new limited-edition collections launching in U.S. stores this month.

The first, JASSA, debuting in mid-March, carries on the brand’s passion of late for incorporating different cultures around the world, this time finding inspiration in the traditional handicrafts of Vietnam and Indonesia. The line of handmade furniture, textiles, and accessories combine natural materials and bold patterns, letting you add just a bit of vibrant fun to your home or go full Bohemian (check out that patterned pillow galore!)

The other release, a summer collection, is already available and includes outdoor solutions like a range of solar-powered lighting and another dose of boho textiles and rattan designs (found in the Mastholmen line yet to be added online.)

Below, a few highlights from the two collections.

JASSA basket, $18.99
JASSA cushion covers, $6 each
JASSA cushion covers, $7 each
JASSA coffee table, $34.99
JASSA bag, $11.99
JASSA chair, $79
SALLADSKÅL watering can, outdoor, $16.99
SOLROSFRÖ plant stand, in/outdoor, $12.99
SOMMAR 2017 tealight holder, $3.99
SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered table lamp, $12.99
SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered pendant lamp, $8.99