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Bespoke camping van brings luxury to the outdoors

Off-the-grid living never looked so sleek

Outside Van’s custom-built Valhalla adventure van.
All photos via Outside Van

The #VanLife phenomenon delivers adventure with a serious side of convenience. Go-anywhere, four-wheel-drive vans get people outdoors with ease and allow you to camp close to trailheads and mountaintops. But they don’t always deliver much in the way of luxury.

The Valhalla van wants to change that. This sleeper and gear hauler has what makers Outside Van call “a dash of jet-set swagger” that elevates the Valhalla from its counterparts. Known for making adventure vans that cater to particular interests—like mountain biking, skiing, or even dirt biking—Outside Van features an array of upgrades more often seen in high-end RVs, not adventure vans.

Built on the base of the immensely popular 4x4 Mercedes Benz Sprinter, the Valhalla looks from the outside like many off-road vehicles. Solar panels reduce battery wear, beefy tires are prepped to tackle rugged terrain, and LED lights, roof racks, and ladders add to the van’s convenience.

Inside, things are different. A leather three-panel bed and three-person sofa offer standard places to lounge, but custom upholstering, sleek cabinetry, and a flip-down monitor for entertainment up the ante on luxury. The Valhalla also boasts a high-performance sound system, a fully-enclosed stainless steel shower, a large galley kitchen with an induction stovetop, and custom bamboo drawers.

Underneath the bed, a gear garage stands ready to haul bikes and other outdoor equipment. Mesh pockets hold easy-to-grab supplies and the van even comes with on-demand air to pump up bike tires.

All this luxury doesn’t come cheap, however. Each of Outside Van’s build-outs are custom, so pricing varies, usually running well over $100,000. The conversion process also takes around 12 months. Head over here for more info and check out a video—and a few more photos—below.