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75-square-foot micro home packs in all the essentials

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The Ecocubo is clad in cork and lined with particle board

Shot of a cork-clad cubic structure set amid snow-flecked mountain ranges.
The Portuguese Ecocubo is pared down to the essentials.
Photos by Building Pictures via Designboom

Another micro-living solution has arrived, courtesy of Ecocubo, a Portuguese concept. Measuring just 7 square meters, or approximately 75 square feet, the tiny cubic structure, which is sustainably constructed, of course, is clad in cork and lined with particle board. It is also flexible, versatile, and easy to assemble.

Featuring a glass door and three small windows, the space is pared down to the bare essentials: a built-in bench that pulls out to form a bed, a toilet, and a kitchenette, under which a small table and two stools are stored. Though it is meant to accommodate two people, the Ecocubo can host up to four for a meal or coffee when the bed is collapsed.

The Ecocubo can be adapted for a variety of uses and a range of locales and terrains. In the accompanying video (below), the house is set on a deck, which provides outdoor space from which to enjoy views of the surrounding landscape. If a camping trailer is more your speed, check out a few transforming options here.

Via: Designboom