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This tiny mobile studio was designed for podcasting

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Putting the pod in podcasts

You didn’t ask for it, but there’s now a tiny mobile studio specifically for making podcast recordings. Popping up as part of a podcasting event taking place in London’s White City Place, former home BBC World Village, the mobile unit looks like either a distorted, larger-than-life pink speaker or the less-round cousin of Jigglypuff.

The structure spreads over 130 square feet inside and can seat up to six. Designed by local firm Fathom Architects, the pod channels the concept of sound movements through and through, from the dwelling’s shape—a cube with audio waves vibrating through it—to the three large circular openings, a nod to speaker cones. Look closely and you’ll also see that the facade features 350,000 “pixels” generated from a digital script translation of the first spoken radio message, “One, two, three, four. Is it snowing where you are Mr. Thiessen?”

Via: Designboom