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Futuristic floating capsule hotel coming to Japan

The amusement park offering will take you to a desert island overnight

rendering of floating capsule hotel Huis Ten Bosch/Japan Times

In case you didn’t already think it was weird to visit a faux medieval Dutch city on an island in Sasebo, Japan, soon you’ll be able to leave the fake town’s ferry port via a floating orb, arriving next day on a desert island. That’s that plan of Sasebo’s Dutch-themed park Huis Ten Bosch anyway. The attraction is slated to debut soon, and now there’s a video of a floating pod to prove it—only it looks a bit less dreamy than initial renderings teased.

The spherical, two-story vessels are literal capsule dwellings, each carrying two to three people across nearly 3.75 miles of water. The first floor holds sleeping quarters, while the second is for lounging and taking in the views. The model shown in the video does not have the sweet glass enclosed bedroom depicted in the rendering, but there is an exposed deck.

“We can make more improvements. We will upgrade designs and functions from now on,” Huis Ten Bosch President Hideo Sawada said at a recent press conference.

Guests will be charged about $330 a night, falling asleep during the leisurely drift out to sea and waking up at the company’s 420,000-square-foot sister island. Currently uninhabited, the island is being built out with brand-new attractions (hopefully on par with the bonkers mode of transport used to get to them).

Trial runs of the hotel are rolling out this month, with an official launch anticipated for this summer.

Via: Mashable, Japan Times