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Tiny teardrop trailer has huge windows for stargazing

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A fully loaded custom camper costs around $27,000

The Vistabule’s large picture window.
All photos courtesy of Vistabule

Teardrop trailers—originally popular in the 1960s—have been making a comeback lately, but even new designs are plagued by a chronic problem: claustrophobia.

A lack of vertical space and the need to keep the lightweight campers true to their compact shape means that whether you buy a vintage-inspired trailer or a rugged version that can go anywhere, sometimes sleeping in a teardrop can feel like sleeping in a tin can.

Minnesota-based Vistabule tackles this problem by adding a huge array of windows. The most unique part of Vistabule’s design are its large picture windows at the front and rear that let you see the stars from a queen-size bed and provide line-of-sight while driving. The teardrop also boasts door windows and small portholes along the sides to let in light.

The trailer’s bed transforms into a fold-up sofa with the pull of a handle, and a headboard functions as a closet with shelves and storage. Throw in a collapsible center coffee table and drop-down nightstand tables built into the side doors and you’ve got a light-filled, cozy sleeping space.

The rear of the Vistabule features a kitchenette complete with cabinets, a sink with running water, and a pullout two-burner stove. Like the side doors, the rear door opens wide enough to also serve as overhead shelter when you’re cooking.

Each Vistabule trailer is made to order, but the base package—without many of the galley options listed above—starts just under $18,000. A fully built-out trailer with all the bells and whistles costs a still reasonable $27,000. And almost any car can tow the lightweight Vistabule; the teardrop weighs 1,500 pounds. Head over here for more.

Check out these fun Instagram photos of the Vistabule in action:

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