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Women designers on Instagram: 30 accounts to follow

From architects to color specialists


Amazing women architects and designers are all around us. One place to find them—and with it, a window into how they experience and practice design—is on Instagram.

In honor of International Women’s Day and a month-long celebration of women’s history, we’re highlighting 30 awesome female architects and designers to follow on Instagram. From architects and designers, rising and seasoned, to rad makers of all stripes, these women are sharing some pretty beautiful and fun stuff.

This list is far from exhaustive, so please comment below with your favorites and recommendations.

1. Frida Escobedo (@fridaescobedo)—architecture (designer of the 2018 Serpentine Pavilion)

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2. Tantri Mustika (@tantrimustikaceramics)—ceramics

3. Thabisa Mjo (@mashtdesignstudio)—Lighting and furniture

4. Jean Lee (@jeanlgstudio)—lighting, furniture, accessories

5. Doan Ly (@doan_ly)—floral design

6. May Sterchi (@himoart)—modern macramé

“Linked no.2: will be available this Saturday✨

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7. Karie Reinertson (@shelterprotectsyou)—experiential spaces and products

8. Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney)—interiors, textiles, and more

9. Annabelle Selldorf (@annabelleselldorf)—architecture

Twelve noon at the Pantheon

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10. Ana White (@anawhitediy)—furniture and tiny houses

11. Kenesha Sneed (@tactilematter)—textiles, prints, ceramics

12. Eny Parker (@enyleeparker)—furniture, ceramics, and spaces

13. Danielle Arps (@daniarps)—interiors

14. Jeanne Dekkers (@jeannedekkersarchitectuur)—architecture

15. Nicole Gibbons (@nicolegibbonsstyle)—interiors

16. Isabel López-Quesada (@isabellopezquesada)—architecture and interiors

La Toilette #isabellopezquesada @ad_spain @capdemar @lorelq13

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17. Monya Eastman (@stokperd)—interiors and custom furniture

18. Deborah Berke (@deborahberkepartners)—architecture and interiors

19. Margrethe Odgaard (@margretheodgaard)—textiles and color

20. Dinara Kasko (@dinarakasko)—architectural pastry

Pentagon cake. This was icosahedron that I transformed into a small cake. It was our the very first mould printed on 3d printer for small individual cake. We did it two years ago and it was just the beginning. Composition: chocolate biscuit, crispy layer with tonka beans and hazelnut, confit red currant, mousse with tonka beans and chocolate Valrhona Tanariva . You can buy this mould . Пирожное Пентагон. Это форма икосаэдр, которую мы трансформировали в маленькое пирожное. Два года назад я впервые попробовала напечатать форму для пирожного с помощью 3д принтера и это был мой первый эксперимент. Конечно же сейчас я знаю гораздо больше о принтерах, формах и сделала уже не одну новую форму, но эта запомнится особенно, потому как она была началом☺️ Состав: шоколадный бисквит, хрустящий слой с тонка и фундуком, конфи красная смородина, мусс с бобами тонка и шоколадом Valrhona Tanariva . Форму можно купить Кстати, скоро будет очень много новых интересных форм @dinarakasko #chocolate #valrhona #okmycake #pastryinspiration #chocolatejewels #pastryart #cake #cakevideo #kharkov #харьков #gastroart #art #glaze #dinarakasko #chefstalk #pastry #chefsofinstagram #chefs #geometry#design #designmilk #торт #пирожное #cakes#foodporn#icosahedron

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21. Charlotte Cannon (@thevintagevogue)—handmade home goods

22. Tekla Evelina Severin (@teklan)—interiors, set design, art direction

23. Jeanne Gang (@studiogang)—architecture

24. Natalie Myers (@nataliemyers)—interiors

25. Nina Bruun (@nina_bruun)—interiors, color, and more

26. Ellen Van Dusen (@dusendusen)—home goods and apparel

27. Emily Henderson (@em_henderson)—interiors

28. Clara von Zweigbergk (@claravonzweigbergk)—product, graphics, art direction

29. Kelly Wearstler (@kellywearstler)—interiors, furniture, and more

30. Lindsey Adelman (@lindseyadelman)—lighting