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Hyperloop One installs full-scale test track in the Nevada desert

The ‘DevLoop’ is located just 30 minutes outside Las Vegas

Hyperloop One via New Atlas

The ambitious plan to build the world’s first Hyperloop is moving full steam ahead with Hyperloop One’s unveiling of a full-scale track to test the cutting edge transit technology. You may recall that the Elon Musk-endorsed Hyperloop concept is essentially a pneumatic tube system for transporting people at very very high-speeds. The proposed Hyperloop between Abu Dhabi and Dubai would transport passengers in autonomous pods at nearly 700 miles an hour, shortening the two-hour trip to just 12 minutes.

Josh Giegel, Hyperloop One’s President of Engineering, has said in the past: “We don’t sell cars, boats, trains, or planes. We sell time.”

Hyperloop One is just one of a number of companies hoping to make the concept a reality, but with their new DevLoop up and running in the Nevada desert, they’re arguably the furthest along. The test track is essentially a giant 1,600-foot-long sealed tube measuring 11 feet in diameter. It’s slated be used for its first public trial of the company’s Hyperloop technology within the next three months.

In addition to their work for Dubai, Hyperloop One is also working on Hyperloop proposals for Russia and Finland.

Via: New Atlas