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Brutalist architecture shines in these gorgeous new illustrations

From Unité d'Habitation to Habitat 67

Brutalist building illustrations Courtesy Go Compare

“Brutalism is back!” proclaimed a 2016 New York Times article and a slew of similar stories. Whether or not you agree, the concrete-loving midcentury architecture style certainly hasn’t gone away quietly.

Architects and preservationists always put up a fight when a Brutalist gem is in danger of being demolished. And at least in the case of the iconic Barbican Complex in London, the ‘70s concrete fortress has become cool again—just check out this constant parade of revamped apartments inside.

And now, offering a delightful new ode to Brutalist masterpieces around the world is a series of illustrations created by Spanish designer Marta Colmenero for insurance company Go Compare. Done in a vintage style with vivid colors, the illustrations add some extra life to these concrete monoliths. See a sample of them below, then head to GoCompare for the full set.