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Jellyfish aquarium is a sleek new way to have pets

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Are you ready for this jelly?

Aquariums may come in all types of wacky designs—like this one—but usually they house the most common of water-based creatures: fish. Not so with the JellyTank, a new desktop aquarium by Florida-based designers Blake and Brock Gratton.

This state-of-the-art tank was created after extensive research to make the aquarium user-friendly and easy to maintain. The compact design includes a laminar (pump driven) water flow pattern that mimics the currents of the ocean, and the simple shape and minimalist aesthetic lets the ethereal jellyfish take center stage.

LED lighting illuminates the jellyfish in a range of colors, and the tank itself comes in white or black. The product launched on Kickstarter and quickly exceeded its goal, with the first JellyTanks shipping as early as May 2017. Interested in getting your own tank? They will retail for $199 and are still available on the JellyTank Kickstarter page.