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Minimalist architecture celebrated in these stunning photos

The competition was put on by EyeEm and We And The Color

Abstract photo of two triangular points of a white, gridded building against an azure blue sky.
Georgij Dorofeev’s photo won first place.
Photo by Georgij Dorofeev via EyeEm

If you’re on Instagram, you’re familiar with the artfully arranged tableaus of an “influencer’s” breakfast table, or the not-candid candid portraits of a suspiciously beautiful person frolicking in paradise, or the abstract visions of a section of a building that have come to dominate popular imagery.

We’re particularly interested in the latter, because taking photographs of architecture is not as simple as going point-and-click, and is, in fact, an art. Taking it a step further, isolating a sunlit corner of a building, or the particular way a wall curves, or surprising geometries creates new ways of looking and appreciating the built environment.

This appreciation was what photography resource EyeEm and We And The Color, a design blog, were after when they put out a call for photos that capture the beauty of minimalism in architecture.

A week and 45,000 submissions later, 20 winners were selected. Here are the top three photos, handpicked by German photographer Matthias Heiderich, including a shot of Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI museum in Italy. Peep the rest over on EyeEm’s blog.

This photo by user Urban Poetry captures a curved corten bridge. It won third place.
Photo by Urban Poetry via EyeEm
Patryk Kuleta’s photograph of Zaha Hadid’s MAXXI museum won second place.
Photo by Patryk Kuleta via EyeEm
The first place winner comes from Georgij Dorofeev.
Photo by Georgij Dorofeev via EyeEm

Via: The Spaces, We And The Color