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Backyard tiny homes to house homeless families in Portland

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Participating homeowners would get a free tiny house for their backyards...after housing a homeless family for five years

Portland, Oregon, is considering a novel solution to creating more homes for the homeless and housing-insecure: backyard tiny houses. Like many U.S. areas rethinking their approach to homelessness, the city is suffering from an affordable housing shortage, and the two-year timeline for building convention shelters and supportive apartments just isn’t fast enough to meet the demand of some 24,000 units. The new tiny house alternative, led by the county government, involves the construction of accessory dwelling units in suburban backyards where small homeless families of 2-3 people will be able to live rent free.

The initiative, called A Place For You, is launching with a $350,000 pilot project to build an initial set of just four homes on private property, with families moving in this summer. In exchange for housing a homeless family for five years, the property owners will get a tax abatement and the tiny house—which they’d eventually be able to use or rent out.

The tiny home designs have yet to be finalized, but they’ll probably be about 200 square feet and connect to city sewer, water, and electrical systems. The structures will have basic kitchenettes without conventional ovens, but some of the space may be adaptable depending on the needs of the family moving in—like a place where kids can do homework.

More than 1,000 homeowners have already expressed interest in potentially participating in the program.

Via: Fast Company