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Sleek guesthouse clad in repurposed wood rises in Vermont

The dwelling is located in Pomfret, Vermont

A simple, two-gabled structure clad in repurposed wood boards and generous glazing sits on a wooded site.
The Woodshed was built and designed by Richmond-based Birdseye Architecture.
Photos by Jim Westphalen via Dezeen

This guesthouse in Pomfret, Vermont, combines vernacular woodshed architecture with contemporary design to create a space that is sleek, rustic, and cozy.

Conceived and executed by Richmond-based design-build firm Birdseye Architecture, Woodshed, as it’s called, is made up of two gabled sections that connect in the rear by way of a vestibule. A stone terrace is set in front of that and offers an area for outdoor entertaining that faces the wooded landscape.

In order to establish a cohesive visual identity with the dwelling’s natural surroundings, Birdseye used repurposed Douglas fir and pine from snow fencing and horsing corrals to clad the facade and sections of the interior walls with vertically place siding. On the rear wall, narrower, horizontal slats create a screen effect meant to recall the wall of a traditional shed.

The grey, unfinished look of the wood complements the dark roof and the grey interiors, imbuing the home with an element of heft. Inside, expanses of windows, soaring ceilings, and polished concrete floors tie the three-bedroom together, which also includes a game room, bar, lounge, and a double-faced fireplace.

Via: Dezeen