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Tesla’s new solar panels blend right into existing roofs

The company is now taking custom quote requests

Rendering of Tesla solar panels on a modern house. Tesla

Tesla’s potentially game-changing solar roof tiles have captured a lot of attention recently, but the company has just quietly debuted a solar option that could be a lot more practical for homeowners not looking to replace their entire roofs.

A revamped “Energy” section of the company’s website now shows a “solar panels” page, which sells a “sleek, low-profile design” that blends right into the roof with “integrated front skirts” and “no visible mounting hardware.” Another key feature? Seamless integration with Powerwall, the company’s home battery storage solution. Tesla is now taking custom quote requests for these new panels.

According to Electrek, Tesla says the panels will go into production this summer at the newly completed Gigafactory in Buffalo, New York, which is dedicated to fulfilling next-generation panel needs after Tesla acquired solar energy provider SolarCity last year.

Electrek says the panels will be exclusively produced by Panasonic, incorporating mounting technology from Zep Solar, a startup SolarCity acquired before its own merger with Tesla.

Tesla’s vision for a solar future focuses on an integrated solution —”One ordering experience, one installation, one service contact, one phone app”—and these new better-looking panels play a key part.

Via: New Atlas