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Italy’s rich graphic design history celebrated with new website

The Archivio Grafica Italiana spotlights designers past and present

Screengrab of web page showing grid of images labeled with title, designer, and year.
Images are presented alongside biographies of its designers.
Via Archivio Grafica Italiana

A new website spotlighting Italy’s graphic design heritage and its global influence has recently launched. Called Archivio Grafica Italiana, the database is founded and edited by Nicola-Matteo Munari, who hopes to put Italian graphic design on the design-world map alongside the country’s other treasures like architecture and furniture.

A digital catalog of sorts, Archivio Grafica Italiana presents images from categories like logotype, packaging, periodical, typeface, and signage along with details of the piece and short biographies of the designers.

Talking to Fast Co. Design, Munari, a graphic designer himself, saw the sharing of Italy’s history of graphic design as a duty: “As designers, we should promote the discipline by both preserving its history and contributing to its future, something which isn’t possible without promoting culture.”

The archive includes designers past (Lora Lamm, Massimo Vignelli, and Enzo Mari) and present (Carlo Fiore, and Daniele De Batté) as a way to propel the movement forward instead of keeping it a nostalgia-driven enterprise. Head over to the archive for inspiration.

Via: Fast Co. Design