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New Bjarke Ingels documentary has a suspenseful trailer


architect Bjarke Ingels hovering over a sketch Screenshot via Vimeo

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is not one to fear attention—just look at his parade of magazine profiles, many a splashy video teaser for his designs, and, more recently, his own episode in Abstract, Netflix’s new documentary series on design. And now, a trailer for a new Ingels documentary titled Big Time, to be released at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival later this month, teases a more intimate way into the architect’s head, literally.

“I got a concussion,” Ingels says mid-way through the trailer, shortly before flashes of MRI scans. “And since then, I’ve had more or less of a constant headache.” Add in some more snippets of vulnerability (“This is a piece of shit...It’s really bad”) and drama (“There is also a name missing and that is Bjarke’s”) and the whole thing is begging the viewer to ask: Is something changing within Bjarke Ingels? What’s going to happen to all that momentum? Stay tuned.

Via: ArchDaily