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Glass-roofed heaven in Sweden can be yours for $1.3M

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Own a piece of heaven and live among the stars

Shot of the top floor of a home with a transparent glass roof set among the woods.
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.
Photos via Residence

We’ve seen our fair share of gorgeous glass-walled houses for sale, but a home with a glass roof doesn’t come around these parts that often. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, “Villa Heaven” features a simple gabled construction and a glazed covering that affords its residents 360-degree views of the surrounding landscape and above-head views of the sky.

The two lower floors of the three-story residence are nothing to scoff at, either. An open plan kitchen and dining room open on to a patio on the main floor, where a guest room and bathroom are also set. On the second floor, a lounge with fireplace, ensuite master bedroom, and three other bedrooms are found. Huge picture windows throughout the home frame spectacular views of the Lake Aspen-adjacent property and let natural light to flood the space.

But the glass-topped third floor is where the magic happens. Soaring, majestic, and simply stunning, the room features just the bare minimum in terms of construction. Glass panes fill the gap between timber beams on all sides to create a true triangular prism of seamless sky-high living. Own a piece of heaven for 11,900,000 SEK, or approximately $1.3 million.

Via: The Spaces, Residence