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Where should you live in 12 U.S. cities?

Take our quizzes to find out

The Chicago skyline. Curious about which Chicago neighborhood is right for you? Take our quiz.

Whether you’ve lived on the same block for years or are looking to brave a cross-country move, it can be hard to figure out exactly which neighborhood is right.

In New York City, for example, each borough has its own unique qualities and housing stock, to say nothing of the restaurant and bar scene. Los Angeles is also a city of varying experiences—life in Venice looks mighty different than the day-to-day of Calabasas.

It’s in this spirit—and with a hearty dose of humor—that 12 Curbed city sites have each created a quiz to help you decide which neighborhood is perfect for you. Perhaps it will confirm that your current abode is in just the right spot, or maybe the results will inspire you to up and move from a brownstone to the suburbs.

Better yet, take a quiz from a city you’ve never lived in to see which neighborhoods you should check out the next time you visit. These 12 cities boast so many distinct and vibrant locales, it’d be a shame if you didn’t explore a little.

Austin | Boston | Chicago | Detroit | Los Angeles | Miami | New Orleans | New York | Philadelphia | San Francisco | Seattle | Washington D.C.