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Tokyo modern home is bunker on the outside, airy loft on the inside


TakaTina via Dezeen

Japan’s progressive zoning regulations set the stage for a wide range of unconventional modern homes that would never fly in more conservative building climates. And Black Box, the latest home designed by New York-based architects TakaTina is a perfect example.

The black metal-clad home rises like a minimalist monolith in a residential neighborhood in Western Tokyo. Sitting atop a stark concrete plinth, the unadorned house seems to give a cold shoulder to neighboring homes, closing itself off with a private courtyard and revealing little from its asymmetrical arrangement of square windows.

But inside, the brooding abode is an airy dream filled with cozy midcentury furniture. Inspired by the homeowner’s former Brooklyn loft, the main living room has a high ceiling, exposed wood beams, and an industrial concrete floor. Bright white walls were intended to provide a blank canvas to show off the vintage furniture collection. The bright and playful interior feels like a carefully guarded secret.

"Rejecting the outside scenery while creating an introspective micro-cosmos filled with natural light and wind became the main concept of this house," said the architects in an interview with Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen