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Off-road camper was built to survive the Australian Outback

A tough trailer that can go anywhere

The UEV 440 Cape York by Conqueror Australia.
All images courtesy of Conqueror Australia

If your idea of camping is heading into the wilderness for long stretches of time—without the luxuries of bespoke RVs like this one—then check out the UEV 440 Cape York by Conqueror Australia. With a style that looks a bit like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, trailers by Conqueror Australia boast an array of adventure-oriented amenities that make backcountry survival a breeze.

The UEV—which stands for Urban Escape Vehicle—440 Cape York was modeled after the mobile command stations for the South African Military, and features a gas hot-water system, electric water pump, and a 130-litre water tank that ensures you will still have running water throughout your expedition. You’re also not completely roughing it; that water system provides a pull-out shower facility.

Built with a suspension system that can handle the rugged terrain of the Australian Outback, the camper also comes with a slide-out kitchen that includes a two-burner stove and double sink. Throw in a BBQ, plastic mold table, and all the cooking supplies you might need, and this camper comes ready for exploring.

The sleeping quarters fit four people with a front fold out queen bed and a side fold out queen bed, and both feel spacious thanks to the Cape York’s pop-up tent system. The camper also includes large awnings for shade and the whole system was designed to be set up quickly and efficiently with minimal work.

Although originally from Australia, Conqueror campers are now available for purchase in North America. Head over here for more info and pricing.