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Swedish brand Urbanears debuts colorful, minimal speakers

They start at around $370

All photos via Dezeen

Popular Swedish electronics brand Urbanears has just launched a range of colorful, wireless speakers in their bespoke sleek style.

The Connected Speakers series are minimally designed, just like the Urbanears headphones. The interface only has two knobs for users to adjust volume and toggle between settings. They’re wrapped in an acoustically transparent fabric and come in six different colors, from “Dirty Pink” to “Plant Green” to “Indigo Blue.”

There are two different sizes: the Stammen is smaller, meant for studio apartments and single rooms, and the Baggen is larger and better suited for large rooms like living rooms or open spaces.

Using Wi-Fi, users can stream music from various sources like Spotify Connect, Airplay, or Chromecast, or play music from audio devices using Bluetooth and an auxiliary cable. Customized settings can be adjusted using the Urbanears Connected App, which also allows two or more speakers to be connected to create a multi-speaker system.

"Urbanears is all about bringing people closer to technology," said Oscar Axhede, co-founder and creative director at Urbanears, to Dezeen. "We wanted to create a listening experience that would bring the best of sound and connectivity into people's homes, without the hassle of trying to figure out how to make the technology work."

Both are available for purchase, for $373 (Stammen) and $498 (Baggen), on the Urbanears website.

Via Dezeen