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Tiny desert cube house has everything you need for $275K

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Take in the stunning landscape from the expansive roof deck

Not quite a tiny house but still impressively small, this 529-square-foot cube in Arizona contains everything so efficiently within its walls. Clad in weathered corrugated steel to reflect the rugged desert landscape surrounding it, the compact home takes advantage of its nearly one-acre site by way of sliding glass doors and an expansive rooftop deck.

Inside, an open plan with high ceilings holds a sleek kitchen and an adjacent living area, where a television is mounted on the opposite side within a section of the cabinetry. Toward the back of the residence, an alcove with built-in shelving comprises the bedroom area, making the dwelling more of a studio than a proper one-bedroom.

Off this space is a full bathroom, where a double-sided, in-wall fireplace makes a little connection to the kitchen. Roof access is gained by an external staircase that hugs the side of the house. On the full roof patio, the stunning Arizona terrain—and its sunrises and sunsets—unfold all around you.

Make this your very own tiny home, which includes a soaking pool, or expand it to suit your needs. Located at 5561 North Gold Drive in Apache Junction, it’s offered at $275,000.

Via: Estately