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Sony's new e-paper tablet could change how designers sketch

The DPT-RP1 has a non-slip, high-resolution screen

Shot of a large, flat tablet with a hand holding a stylus posed on top of it.
Sony’s new digital paper tablet DPT-RP1 has a non-slip screen that feels like paper.
Photos via Designboom

For all the talk of the life-changing magic of digital e-readers and the convenience of tablets and smart phones, sometimes all you want is an old fashioned book, or in the case of note-taking, a pad of paper and a pen to make your point.

That’s where Sony’s new e-paper tablet comes in. The DPT-RP1, an upgrade of its original digital paper gadget DPT-SI, is an A4-paper-sized tablet with a 13.3-inch display screen and a high resolution screen that was designed as “non-slip” to approximate the feeling of put pen to real paper.

Lightweight and just over half a centimeter in thickness, the DPT-RP1 should appeal to anyone who loves notebooks and working on paper—but also loves a streamlined and organized workspace. According to our friends at The Verge, Sony is targeting the new device to businesses, lawyers, and university researchers, but given its versatility and simplicity, one could see it being welcomed and embraced by designers, architects, and artists alike.

A rechargeable stylus allows for users to write or sketch right up to the edge of the screen. Documents are saved as PDFs, and the tablet can hold up to 10,000 of them. But it does come at a hefty price—to the tune of around $700. It launches in Japan on June 5.

Via: Designboom