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Tiny house documentary highlights legal obstacles and solutions

The second installment of a three-part series is now streaming

tiny house on wheels Tiny House Expedition

Last December brought some big news for the tiny house world: For the first time ever, an appendix of health and safety standards specifically addressing micro dwellings under 400 square feet was approved for the newest International Residential Code (IRC). While adopting the appendix will be up to each local government, the move signals a critical mass of people who are interested in having tiny houses as primary residences.

In a new installment to the documentary series, “Live Tiny Legally,” tiny house dwellers and advocates Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons of Tiny House Expedition do a deep dive on the ways authorized tiny houses are taking hold around the country. The film spotlights how the Construction Careers Academy in San Antonio, Texas managed to erect a tiny house village where all the units are inspected and come with permits and certifications. It also visits a Colorado town with tiny-house-friendly zoning, and offers an inside look at how the IRC tiny house appendix got approved.

Watch the full video below and check out Curbed’s guide to tiny house zoning regulations here.