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These pared-down cabins were built to inspire classical musicians

Marlboro Music Cottages are found on the campus of Marlboro College in Vermont

Three simple high-pitch roof structures clad in natural wood sit on a forest site surrounded by trees.
The cottages were inspired by Cape Cod-style homes.
Photos by  Paul Crosby Photography via Dezeen

The Minnesota-founded firm HGA Architects and Engineers, best known for educational, healthcare, cultural, and corporate buildings, has designed a collection of five cabins for VIP guests attending the Marlboro Music School and Festival in Marlboro, Vermont.

Set on Marlboro College’s lush 500-acre campus, the Marlboro Music Cottages were built to house the most distinguished classical musicians attending the annual seven-week sabbatical (the majority of the 80 or so attendees stay on the main campus).

Influenced by New England’s Cape Cod style of architecture, the simple structures are formed by a box and a high-pitched roof with exposed beams and are clad in unfinished cedar on the exterior and pine on the interior walls. Placed low to the ground, the dwellings sit on a foundation of split-faced stone and feature minimalist interiors with slate flooring.

Even the windows are sparsely placed. Still, their shape and size help keep the house cool without the need for air conditioning, and also allow in plenty of natural light. Additionally, they frame lush forest views surrounding the site set by an old logging road. Head to Dezeen for the full story.

Via: Dezeen