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Florentijn Hofman designs a giant octopus playground for Shenzhen

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Meet Kraken

giant octopus playground Via Designboom

Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is known for creating enormous-but-cute animal sculptures. In 2015, one of Hofman’s famous giant Rubber Ducks tragically sprang a leak on its voyage from Delaware to Philadelphia. But his latest creation ups the ante on both structural integrity and sheer adorability: the Kraken is a freakin’ huge octopus playground filled with colorful climbing nets.

Designed by Hofman and constructed with help from the Shanghai-based team at UAP, the octopus is made of a solid metal frame covered with wire mesh that’s been woven with red and gray rope. The effect is of a massive, cuddly knitted octopus wearing a jauntily angled sailor’s cap.

Installed at a seaside public park in Shenzhen, China, Kraken contains a secret interior playroom made of vibrant rope nets. Visitors can climb up the inside of four of the tentacles to reach the space.

Via: Designboom