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Robots and drones built this spooky pavilion

It was inspired by moth larvae, eep!

pavilion built by robots and drones University of Stuttgart via Dezeen

Students at the University of Stuttgart in Germany already used robots to make a sea-urchin-inspired pavilion, and now they’re are taking drone-made architecture to the next level with this new pavilion inspired by moth larvae.

This year’s ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion is a 39-foot-long cantilevered overhang made of 112 miles of carbon and resin fibers. The weaving technique teamed up two industrial robotic arms with a pair of drones. The giant robot arms stood on either end of the frame, periodically handing off the fiber thread to a drone who would fly it over to the other robot arm.

Apparently the process was inspired by the larvae of leaf-miner moths, which spin silk “hammocks.” Hey, why not?

Get a better sense of the process in this video:

Via: Dezeen