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Cottage meets greenhouse in modern thatched home

This H-shaped Dutch home features walls of glass topped with a traditional gable roof

Dutch home combines modernism with traditional local architecture Via Dezeen

The thatched roof is a beloved architectural tradition seen in everything from 13th-century English cottages to a modern Starbucks in Vietnam. Mixed with modern building forms, this textured roofing material reaches new heights. An exquisite example is Dutch studio Maas Architecten’s Modern Countryside Villa, built in Berlicum, the Netherlands.

Inspired by the strong gables and traditional thatch of older local buildings, the architects at Maas created a modern dwelling that separates the main living and sleeping areas from a garage and studio space. The home looks like two twin abodes connected by a glass hallway.

"The H-shape creates a wind-less private outdoor space where you can see the sun set," the architects told Dezeen. "Privacy is assured in spite of the glass."

From the street, the black wall of the studio building masks a bright, glass-walled room at the back extending beyond its thatched roofline like a modern greenhouse sloughing off the past. The other structure houses the main living spaces including a kitchen, dining room, living room, and a master suite with access to the courtyard between buildings. The second story is entirely taken up by a full-floor office space with a view onto the kitchen below.

Via: Dezeen