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Modern desert house has mountain views, dramatic shadows

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desert home Taggart Sorensen via Dezeen

Concrete is the gift that keeps on giving, if we’re talking about stunning residential architecture. Over on the desert terrain of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a striking home comprising two perpendicular concrete structures rises to frame vast mountain views and a stellar indoor-outdoor experience.

Designed by New York and Austin-based firm Specht Architects, the single-story house was built on a sunken plane in adherence with local height requirements. The house also bows to the environment with numerous glass walls, which open up the living areas, bedrooms, and kitchen to long, covered patios.

The use of wood in flooring, ceiling, and built-ins helps soften the space. One particularly compelling moment comes in the intersection between the two volumes, where evolving shadows cast by beams under a thin strip of skylights add a sense of time.

Via: Dezeen