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Urban gardening kit has everything you need to grow your own food

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Small spaces welcome

indoor gardening kit Noocity

From Ikea’s indoor gardening offerings to a shipping container community farm in Brooklyn, New York, urban agriculture is having quite the moment. Now, GrowKit, billed as an “Urban Agriculture Kit for Beginners,” wants to make farming accessible to city dwellers starved for space.

Developed by Porto, Portugal-based startup Noocity, the kit gives city residents a chance to grow and harvest their own food, even if they don’t have any experience with farming. The compact and portable package includes everything needed to begin an organic, edible garden—from a Growbag with all the necessary equipment and potting soil to a Growpack with the plants and fertilizer. There’s also a set of audio guides, detailing step-by-step instructions.

This garden uses up to 80 percent less water than a conventional vegetable patch because of its sub-irrigation system, which provides water to the plants’ roots. It also has a water reservoir, so the garden can self-water for up to three weeks.

Noocity, which debuted a larger self-watering gardening system called Growbed in 2015, is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for Growkit. One Growkit is going for $74. Here’s the demo video.