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Cantilevered modern stunner nods to LA’s hillside homes

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Those views!

cantilevered concrete home in Mexico Rory Gardiner via Dezeen

Drawing inspiration from modern homes high up in Hollywood Hills, famously photographed by midcentury lensman Julius Shulman, the newly completed Ventura House rules not over Los Angeles but the Mexican city of Monterey.

Confronted with a tricky, sloped site, Mexico City-based architect Tatiana Bilbao designed a series of pentagonal concrete volumes, elevated for optimal views. The full-height glass walls and scenic terraces particularly call to mind the vibe of Shulman’s images.

Each cantilevered unit is positioned uniquely for a specific view of the landscape. These arrangements also help to divide public and private spaces within the house. Communal spaces and living rooms are at the lowest point of the site, whereas the bedrooms and other private areas are in the higher blocks. A spiral staircase links all five units together.

While the raw concrete used for the facade lends the house a rugged quality, the wood used walls, floors, and shelves creates an appealing contrast inside. Take a look around.

Via: Dezeen