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Cylindrical ‘treehouse’ on stilts rises in Cape Town

An enchanting escape

Home on stilts comprising four cylindrical volumes clad in timber slats and windows rises among lush, sloped site.
Though not technically a treehouse, the residence rises among the trees.
Photos via Dezeen

This treehouse residence in Cape Town, South Africa, technically does not contain a tree, but it’s certainly influenced by the tall forms surrounding it. Designed by local firm Malan Vorster Architecture Interior Design, Paarman Treehouse, as it’s called, comprises four cylindrical volumes (not unlike the sleek towers of the Bonaventure hotel in Los Angeles) clad in timber slats rise on stilts, allowing the residence to stand among the trees and take advantage of elevated views.

Large windows face outward toward the lush landscape, creating bright interiors that are finished with untreated wood and other materials that are meant to weather over time. A spiral staircase winds up one of the towers to connect the four stories, while a Cor-Ten steel ramp grants access to the main entrance.

The circular motif continues throughout the home. Each volume is supported at the center by four columns that extend all the way up to the ceiling where a large circular ring acts as a kind of platform for the floor above it. The ceilings themselves are characterized by exposed beams arrayed in a pattern of triangles. Have a look.

Via: Dezeen