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Native Campervans rents out converted vans for your next adventure

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Try #vanlife on for size

A white camper van. The doors are open in the back. There is a bed and storage space inside of the van.
An example of a campervan available to rent through Denver-based Native Campervans.
All images courtesy of Native Campervans

If you want to try out the adventure-van lifestyle but don’t want to spend serious cash on a bespoke model like this one, look no further than Native Campervans.

The Denver-based company rents out fully equipped camper-vans for long or short term road trips through the Rocky Mountains and beyond.

Native Campervans offers two sizes of vans: the “Biggie”—a Ram PropMaster 136” High Roof—or the “Smalls,” remodeled Dodge Grand Caravans. Both vans sleep two people, and the smaller model features a convertible double bed, camping chairs, a foldaway table, blinds, and a small kitchen complete with a sink and single burner gas stove.

The Biggie offers more space and high-end design. Each 18-foot van comes with a built-in kitchen, 2-burner stove, refrigerator/freezer, convertible dining table, and even a French Press. The sleeping quarters boast a fixed queen memory foam mattress and the ability to open the back doors for stargazing.

The inside of a camper van. There is a bed with grey bed linens and pillows. There is a kitchenette with a sink and stove. There is a shelf above the stove that is storing mugs upside down.
The interior of a “Biggie” campervan.
Image courtesy of Native Campervans

You can also add on an array of extras to either van—think inflatable SUPs, hammocks, and extra tents. Basically, Native Campervans wants to offer everything you need to get outdoors and get playing, without the hassle of owning (and buying!) all the gear you’d need.

The rent-your-own-van business model comes at a time when the #vanlife craze is hitting high gear. Like the tiny home rentals and hotels popping up around the country, Native Campervans looks to give people a taste of a scaled down, more adventurous lifestyle.

Another example of a “Biggie” campervan.
All images courtesy of Native Campervans

It’s also a heck of a lot cheaper to rent a Native Campervan than it is to buy your own. The company provides 100 free miles per day with each rental, has built-in basic insurance coverages, and most of the supplies (like cutlery and blankets) and included in the nightly rental price. The Smalls vans start around $80 per night and the Biggie rents for about $180 per night. Head over here for more.