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Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Cylinda-line gets spring refresh on its 50th anniversary

It took three years to develop the original concept

Array of pastel-hued serveware like cylindrical coffe pots, teapots, salad bowls, and cups lined up in front of grey backdrop.
Fifty years later, the Cylinda-line still feels contemporary.

Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen created the now-iconic Cylinda-line stainless steel cocktail and tableware in 1967 for Danish manufacturer Stelton. Now, on its 50th anniversary, the sleek collection of coffee makers, teapots, and cocktail shakers is getting a spring-time update.

Select pieces—like a French press, salad bowl, and ice bucket—are coated in enamel in a range of soft, pastel colors including ocean blue, dusty teal, powder, and smoky blue inspired by Jacobsen’s passion for art and gardens. The hues complement the minimalist forms of the serveware, which still feel contemporary and surprising.

The idea for the Cylinda-line was hatched in 1964, when Stelton’s managing director Peter Holmblad, approached his stepfather Jacobsen with a proposal to create stainless steel cylindrical hollowware. Legend has it that the initial sketch was done on a napkin during a family dinner. Three years later, the Cylinda-line was born.

“The primary factor is proportions. Next come the materials—not mixing the wrong materials. And out of this comes, of course, the color—and seen all together—the overall impression,” said Jacobsen in 1968

Via: Design Milk