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Speakarts wireless speaker double as a piece of art

The front cover can be customized

wood-paneled speaker with canvas cover Speakarts

The aesthetics of home speakers has had quite the evolution. Statement consoles made of teak were once as essential to a living room as a sofa. But today’s preference is for speakers to be as invisible as possible. The new Speakarts speaker hailing from Denmark tackles the challenge in an intriguing way: by turning the speaker surface into a canvas.

Designed in Copenhagen, Denmark, the speaker’s form factor does have a dash of Danish-modern, with its deep oak frame that comes in a natural blonde hue or a darker smokier tone. Buyers can choose from a number of standard art-canvas covers and limited-edition prints, or for an additional fee, upload their own custom design.

Wire-haters can rest assured that the speaker does run on a built-in battery and, once fully charged, can play continuously for 25 hours. If you’re less fussy about cords, the charging cable can also be left in.

For audiophiles, the speaker touts a built-in microcomputer that analyzes the audio input, optimizing the output 48,000 times a second. Devices are paired with the speakers over bluetooth, which means that you can also set up a pair of Speakarts for stereo sound. The product just launched on Indiegogo, with early bird pricing of $349 for a Speakarts and cover.