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Plant-covered rooftop pavilion is a literal breath of fresh air

The Hanoi hangout is covered with air-purifying plants so visitors can breathe easy

plant-filled terrace Hung Nguyen via Designboom

Air pollution is a growing concern in cities around the globe, and while some may turn to enormous smog-sucking towers, Vietnamese architect Hung Nguyen is instead looking to nature’s air-cleaner: plants. His recent work, “Pavilion of the Origins,” is a kind of clean air oasis sitting atop a three-story home.

A structure of rectangular steel frames dominates the space, creating a series of platforms and hammock-like lounging areas. This frame also holds square plant containers at every level, so the room feels like a verdant minimalist jungle. Each plant species was carefully selected for its air-purifying properties.

The all-white color palette—seen in the steel, pebbles lining the floor, hammock rope, and translucent roof panels—not only helps reflect sunlight around the space for the plants, but gives an airy and open feel to the whole pavilion.

Via: Designboom, Hung Nguyen