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Apartment conversion features sleek space-saving modules

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A former commercial space is now efficient apartments

The blue module contains the apartment’s “bedroom” as well as ample closet space.
Images via Designboom

Portuguese firm Waataa Architects transformed a space that was previously used for commercial purposes into efficient, space-saving studio apartments by installing two modules that form the kitchen and a sleep area.

Essentially a white container, each apartment features high ceilings and large windows that allow for the implementation of built-in units like in-wall cabinets and the afore-mentioned modules. Clean lines and minimalist design create a sleek space that feels open and free despite the constraints of size.

A yellow kitchen is contained within one block, whose top doubles as a standing desk for the mezzanine floor lining the top perimeter of the apartment. Perpendicular to the kitchen is a larger section painted blue, which contains a Murphy bed as well as wardrobe and drawer space. The top of this, too, forms part of the second-floor gallery space. A fold-out table on the opposite side blends seamlessly into the white walls.

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Via: Designboom