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Skycamp rooftop tent sleeps a family of four

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Camp anywhere, anytime

The Skycamp rooftop tent in winter.
Courtesy of iKamper

If you love the idea of camping but can’t bear to sleep on the ground, may we present the Skycamp rooftop tent. Unlike many rooftop tents that give you a queen-size sleeping area at most, the Skycamp boasts a massive king-sized mattress and sets up with ease.

A single adult can pop open the Skycamp—which is made by iKamper—in less than a minute. The Skycamp consists of an expandable, hard-shell roof top tent that boasts a king-size mattress with room for two adults and two children. The aluminum honeycomb design is strong, lightweight, insulating, and fireproof, and the entire system—including the ladder and mattress—only weighs about 150 pounds.

The Skycamp can be mounted on most vehicles and only requires a pair of cross bars on a roof rack. A “skyview” window lets you stargaze while you fall asleep, and the tent materials are water resistant and come with a rainfly for inclement weather. It’s available in two colors (onxy black and pearl white), and the clamshell hard top is aerodynamic and reduces wind resistance to save on gas.

iKamper also makes an annex room and an array of accessories that make camp life easier. The annex room has three large doors and attaches to the Skycamp entrance with a zipper, adding a nice ground-floor living room next to the vehicle. You can also add an awning, shoe rack, storage shelf, and even a movie stand.

The Skycamp costs between $2,150 and $2,640 depending on your choice of tent material, and to date the rooftop tent has raised more than $2,300,000 on Kickstarter—making it one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever.