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Small apartment comes packed with storage solutions

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A lot of design details in 236 square feet

small apartment Chris Warnes via Contemporist

Designed by Aussie firm Architect Prineas as a short-term rental, this tiny apartment is both stylish and functional. Visitors enter into an extremely compact kitchen with black cabinets, a small sink, and two-burner stove. A mirrored backsplash adds a sense of depth, and confirmation that no one’s going to do a ton of gourmet cooking to muck it up.

The 236-square-foot abode’s main space is a combo bedroom and sitting area dominated by a large wooden platform bed. A custom shelving unit at the end of the bed helps create a spatial separation between the small lounge area and the bed itself. A built-in cabinet in one corner of the room conceals an ironing board and linen closet. But storage opportunities abound within in the platform itself—pull-out drawers for bedding, and a trap door perfectly sized for hiding a small suitcase.

Via: Contemporist