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Undulating modern home graces the White Cliffs of Dover

Simple does it

curvy white house on the White Cliffs of Dover All photos via Dezeen

Rising on the famous White Cliffs of Dover in southeastern England, this undulating, castle-like abode appears to grow organically from the coastline, capturing amazing sea views in the process.

Designed by British architecture studio Tonkin Liu, the Ness Point House sits over 200 feet meters above the sea. Its smooth, white walls curve to accommodate expansive windows that overlook the scenic surroundings. Each room with ample glazing is oriented toward a different view, from passing ships on the English Channel to the cliffs of Ness Point, where the house got its name from.

The clean feel of the curvaceous white facade continues inside. Skylights and angled clerestory windows bring in natural daylight and passively cool the house. The architects included heat recovery and solar thermal renewable systems for energy efficiency in the winter. It’s all topped with a green roof to collect rainwater and, as it grows, merge the house into the landscape.

Via: Dezeen