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Ikea's new collection celebrates bold '70s textiles

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Ikea collaborated with Swedish design collective 10-gruppen

An array of wall coverings, cushions bags, stools, and sofa all covered in a range of bright, graphic patterns of blue, green, black, white, and red, and yellow.
A “pattern explosion” sounds about bright—in the best possible way, that is.
Images via Ikea

Ikea’s latest collection could be described as a “pattern explosion”—in the best possible sense, that is. Teaming up with 10-gruppen, the group of Swedish textile designers from the 1970s, the furniture giant has unveiled Avsiktlig, “a collection of 14 fabulous patterns that fuses the past and the present,” according to the website.

These bright and graphic patterns were designed in collaboration with 10-gruppen members and three designers from Ikea’s team, all under the guidance of Tom Hedqvist, the collective’s co-founder.

The result is an array of Scandi-with-a-’70s-twist patterns—ranging from lattice, to zigzags, to tropical prints—that will festoon a diverse set of home products including cushions, bedding, couches, bags, wall hangings, dish ware, towels, chairs, and more.

When 10-gruppen first began in the ’70s, the collective was considered anti-establishment. Members believed that textile patterns could impact society, and they ran into trouble with the manufacturers and the Swedish textile industry establishment. Still, the group persevered. Today, the group champions collaboration with kindred spirits. The collection goes on sale in the U.S. in May.

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