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LeGrow modular planters are like Legos for indoor gardening

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Complete with LED lights and USB ports

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modular indoor planters All photos courtesy LeGrow

Like Legos for plant enthusiasts, LeGrow is a modular, tech-forward indoor garden system designed so that each pot can be stacked and attached to other pots like toy bricks.

The modular pieces are assembled to create self-sustaining ecosystems, perfect for city dwellers needing a little greenery. The pots can be outfitted with LED lamps set in six-hour increments, ensuring adequate light for the plants even during the winter. They also come with an internal water reservoir, which means less manual watering. A LeGrow system can then be expanded with a 360-degree humidifier unit to distribute moisture, as well as a workspace-friendly “Power Pot” offering four USB ports.

LeGrow is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with one LeGrow Power Pot going for an early bird price of $34. The packages go up to $392 for a limited edition set with 36 standard pots, four LED lamps, two Power Pots, and a humidifier. Estimated delivery is August 2017.

Via Design Milk
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Via: Design Milk