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Peter Eisenman’s House II lists for $850K in Vermont

A great excuse to move to a farm in Vermont

deconstructivist house by Peter Eisenman Photos via Archinect

Built in 1970, House II by renowned American architect Peter Eisenman still looks eminently modern, with its overlapping rectangular planes and open, scaffolding-like space. This abode is one of a set of ten architectural experiment designed by Eisenman, though only four were actually completed. The architect’s House VI hit the market in 2013 for $1.4 million, and House II is now listed for $850,000.

Eisenman is known for being a “postfunctionalist” architect who preferred spartan buildings designed primarily for their aesthetics and theory, rather than their inhabitability. Perhaps that’s one reason his iconic, Noam Chomsky-inspired structure (the clients admired the famed linguist and asked that his concepts be incorporated) had persistent leak and moisture issues in its rugged Vermont setting.

The original flat roof didn’t jive with heavy snowfall and was replaced with a slightly sloped one. He also added floor grates and expanded walls. The home was overhauled in 2000 with a full renovation that returned it to its original, still impractical design.

The three-bedroom, two-bath live-in artwork sits on an 80-acre organic farm and comes with a barn and pond. It’s listed for sale by owner for $850,000.

Via: Archinect, SAH