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Efficient kids room module has two beds, lofted playhouse

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No fair

Section of white room with sloped ceilings with a long built-in desk running along wall and a bed within a wooden alcove which is a separate unit and also holds a playhouse above.
This is just a portion of the unusual—but rad—room.
Photos via Design Milk

Continuing the “kids have it better” theme, here’s an adorable—and cleverly designed—children’s room by Antwerp firm Van Staeyen Interieur. Located at the top of a large brick home in an irregularly-shaped space, the white room takes advantage of the sloped walls and ceilings by incorporating a playful, efficient module that occupies a multitude of functions.

Not only does it include a bed alcove on either side, it also holds a lofted playhouse with geometric cutouts that is accessed by a ladder. The wooden unit—the bottom half is painted white, while the top portion is unfinished plywood, all trimmed in yellow—also divides the room into two sections, each of which includes a long built-in desk.

This bedroom merges into an adjacent toy room, which is also painted white. Even the hardwood floors are painted white, creating a blank slate of a world in which the children are free to dream and imagine all day long.

Via: Design Milk