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Shipping container pool sets up in minutes

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It even comes with a window

Modpool, a shipping container pool with a window.
Courtesy of Modpool

We’ve seen shipping containers converted to urban farms, off-the-grid getaways, and even gorgeous modern prefabs. Especially in places where resources are scarce and containers are in abundance, shipping containers can be an eco-friendly alternative to traditional building materials.

Now, some people are using recycled shipping containers as backyard swimming pools. An Australian company converts shipping containers into customizable all-in-one pool systems, and closer to home, a new company has even managed to add windows to a shipping container pools.

Called Modpool, the Canadian brand creates “relocatable hot pools” that boast quick set up and the ability to increase water temperature by 86 degrees in a single hour. The hot tub and pool area can be separated in the winter, so the Modpool gets you both types of pools at one price.

Each shipping container pool ships ready to use with all the pool equipment built in and a high-tech Ultraviolet system keeps the water clean. Paul Rathnam, owner of Modpools, told Digital Trends, “With some light ground prep, power and gas access, you can simply plug and play.”

The Modpool with both the hot tub and pool option.
Courtesy of Modpool

And like every good gadget, the Modpool’s heater, jets, and lights can all be controlled from your phone with an app.

Where Modpool really differs from competing pools is its side window. The window makes the pool feel much less claustrophobic and can be a nice design feature when built into a raised patio.

Rathnam says, “When the idea of adding a window came to me, I knew I had to make it happen. The window was a major challenge but it was worth it. It opens the space and completely changes the swimming experience. The window defies the norm, taking a shipping container and making it into something special.”

Modpool can also be installed above ground with decks built around it, partially in the ground behind retaining walls, or completely in-ground, making it a versatile option for many landscapes. The company believes this makes it possible to move the pool as well, although this particular amenity might be harder in practice depending on how much custom hardscaping is around the pool.

The Modpool is definitely cheaper than other pools, however, priced at $26,900 for an 8’x20’ shipping container. A forty-foot model is also available.