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Amazon’s home goods selection covers huge price range

You can apparently furnish a home for $3,000—or $225,000

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From its line of smart assistant speakers to a ton of weird, fun decor, Amazon has a lot on offer for the home. But just how much? Well, an intriguing exercise recently undertaken by Matt Zajechowski for Pots Planters & More sheds some light on the depth of the e-commerce giant’s home goods selection, specifically the huge price ranges seen across product categories.

Zajechowski set out to hypothetically furnish a seven-room home with 70 common household items, ranging from a mattress and lamp to chair and area rug. He sorted results by lowest price first, as one commonly does, but then sorted them by highest price as well. The result? You can furnish a home with those 70 items for as low as $3,045 or as high as $225,735.

As it turns out, on Amazon, where shelf space is unlimited and the even most niche of products can find an audience, there may actually be something for every budget. Check out the rest of the graphics here and the full data set below.