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Ikea calls out Balenciaga’s $2,145-take on its Frakta bag

Ikea throws more than a little shade to the Arena tote in new ad

Large leather tote in bright blue with double straps.
Balenciaga reimagines Ikea’s tote in leather.
Photo via Barneys New York

When luxury brand Balenciaga released its own high-fashion take on Ikea’s Frakta bag, many were not convinced that the bright blue tote needed a reimagining, let alone a new, astronomical price tag.

Oversized, made in leather, and bearing Frakta’s signature double straps, Balenciaga’s Arena tote is, undoubtedly, an homage to—if not straight-up copy of—Ikea’s iconic carry-all.

Initially, Ikea claimed to be “extremely flattered” by the fashion house’s nod to Frakta. Now, a week later, the furniture giant has released a not-so-cryptic ad that throws more than a little shade to the Arena tote.

“How to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag,” it reads. It then lists four points including instructions on what to do to make sure you haven’t been tricked into buying a counterfeit.

Does it rustle when shaken? Can it hold hockey gear, bricks, even water? If thrown in the dirt, can a simple hosing off return it to its original condition? And most importantly, does it cost $0.99?

The Balenciaga’s $2,145 price tag alone immediately disqualifies it from ever having a chance.

Via: Dezeen