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London flat goes all-in on color and whimsical decor

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Maximalism done right

Shot of living room with large window, emerald green walls, a chair, sofa, coffee table, lamp stand, all covered with stacks of books and other objects. Pictures and artwork hang on the walls.
The couple does not let limited space get in the way of their decorating scheme.
Photos via The Modern House

Go big or go home, as they say. But for London couple Duncan Campbell and Luke Edward Hall, going big—in this case, going all-in on bold colors, bright accents, and beautiful tchotchkes—means bringing it home.

Located within a Victorian building, their vibrant paradise is a compact apartment that comprises a single bedroom, a small corner kitchen, a living room, and bathroom.

Despite its size, however, the couple did not hesitate to fill their home with a panoply of objets and artwork—and, not to mention, color. “I’m a bit agnostic about people who say that you should always use light colors in small rooms,” Campbell, one half of creative consultancy Campbell-Rey, tells The Modern House.

The walls of the living room are awash in of-the-moment emerald green, which complements the greenery of their treasured houseplants and flowerpots, while the bedroom employs a grayish blue. The bathroom is papered in an Art & Crafts Voysey floral and fauna print above light gray wainscoting, with the shower clad in subway tile in a similar shade of green as in the common area.

As for decor, every surface holds a memento, books, or other whimsical items like a fruit bowl with a blown-glass-fish base and palm tree candle holders, mostly culled from eBay. “I think it’s important to have all of your stuff around you. Our ceramics and objects we’ve collected over time all have their own story to them,” says Hall, an artist. “I can’t imagine living in a white box.”

Via: The Modern House